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Richard Lear

Hair: S&P|Eye: Blue|Height: 6’


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UCB Improv Graduate

SCUBA Diver - Rescue Certified

Competitive Swimmer





Accents - Southern (Ozark/Appalachian, Texas & Upper Gentry Georgian), Brittish (R.P. & Working Class), Bronx & Irish


Studied Spanish, Greman, French & Italian - speak a small amount



Asst. Director - 44 Lights

Cast in The Full Monty

U.S. for Off Broadway Revival of God Of Carnage

Now Represented by Resolute Artists Agency

Asst. Director - The Orchard

Cast - What If You Read My Plays

Wrote "We The People" - TBTB

Cast - Waiting For You

Cast - Bring Wood, O'Trojans

Cast - Downward Dogs

Cast - Clown Fetish Party

Cast - There Are Too Many Of Us

Cast - Cloudbusting

Cast - Gloria Firmament

Cast - The Stands

Cast - Romeo & Juliet

National Print Campaign

Cast - Lamp Experiment

National Print Campaign 4 Renewal

Cast - Are You Lonesome Tonight

Cast - Black Sky

Cast - Daedalus

National Print Campaign Renewed

Cast - TV Series Human Telegraphs

Cast - 3 plays NYC Play Festival

National Print Campaign

Cast - NJ Rep Reading

Shot National Print Campaign

Cast - Vilified Banker

Invited to join Indie Improv Team, Badmintons

Theater Breaking Through Barriers - Company Member

NJ Repertory Company Member

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